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Hello and sorry about the lack of updates!

The two people who are only active here now are both Kuro and Yukii. The both of us have been head up with real life stuff and more importantly, we are still unable to find a solid Chinese to English translator for Twenty-One Nights Rose. The previous new one, Aoki, backed out on us without even bothering much about translating the raws and for this, we (Yukii especially) deeply apologize as some of you may have been waiting for the next chapter for a long time. So, if anyone would like to be our translator for this series, you’d much be appreciated! Also, we’re also open on turning Twenty-One Nights Rose into a joint project…! Just contact us via the Contact Page.

As for 143 Kaoru’s Cake House, Yukii will finish translating this novel. However, any new translated chapters will not be out as soon as possible. We’re sorry to say that further chapters will only be out this December as that’s when Yukii will be able to get some breathing space. Plus, she will edit the previous chapters to make them better.

To sum things up…yes, Polyphonic Story is still alive albeit rather inactive and we will not be dropping our only two projects at the moment.

But, Polyphonic Story might be changing next year, just a little FYI. We’d like to think of it as a good change and not a bad one but that is all up to you…(Should we create a poll for that?)

Anyway, to all those followers/fans of Polyphonic Story who are still waiting for us to be up and actively running again, thank you. When things settle down in real life, Polyphonic Story will be active once more.



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Happy First Anniversary!

2 Jan


As of today…Polyphonic Story is one years old~!

A large and happy thank you to all our readers, fans, supporters and subscribers! We could have never gone on without you <3

We also welcome our new proofreader, Kodoku, and our new Chinese>English translator, Aoki, today (Yes, Yukii managed to find one!) :D

Look out for our future updates for we won’t stop running Polyphonic Story unless we’re forced to!

Oh and Happy New Year!

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143 Kaoru’s Cake House – Chapter Fourteen

25 Dec


Yukii 【ゆきい】: Here’s the promised Christmas update everyone! Merry Christmas!!! <3


201143 Kaoru's Cake House

143 Kaoru’s Cake House

Author: Fakhrul Anour

Illustrator: Kaoru

Translator: Yukii 【ゆきい】

Chapter Fourteen : Everyone’s Different But Love Remains The Same

The famous twin towers of Suria KLCC stands in the middle of the city where locals, non-locals and tourists bustled around, minding their own business. This meant no less for those hanging around the KLCC park—especially for the teens and young adults who were dressed in different modern fashions like goth, punk, country and alternative. There were also couples all around. The sights of them were like a free romance movie for those who sat in nearby cafes.

The things shown before our eyes and even behind our backs are only small matters when compared to what is shown between us.

Ginn Celes however, wasn’t fond of such public displays of affection. It made him uncomfortable, even more so when he was now beside a beautiful girl that he harbored a crush on.

Ginn’s first choice for a place to have lunch together with Jasmine was the restaurant where he once dined with Moon on their first date. It was one of those restaurants that would make you think twice before returning with the prices on the menus.

“The food and drinks here are very pricey. Don’t you think it would’ve been better if we had our lunch at some other normal and cheaper restaurant?” Jasmine questioned after the waiter walked away with their empty plates once both she and Ginn had finished their meals.

“It’s okay to dine at an expensive restaurant now and then. There’s no need for complaints,” Ginn took a sip of his water. The clicking sounds of dining utensils against crockery and chatter filled the entire place.

Jasmine glared at him with her lips pursed, showing her lack of satisfaction. Ginn, on the other hand, calmly watched her before a knowing smile crept up his lips.

“You still want to protest?”

The girl let out a sharp breath and turned her attention to the view outside the restaurant. She forced her eyes on the passersby and continued to ignore Ginn who merely allowed her to do what she pleased.

“I know you want to say something, right? Something about what I told your mother while we were still at the shop,” he then, casually said with his eyes trained on Jasmine.

Jasmine’s head whipped back to the man that sat before her. Her expression was one of confusion and surprise.

“How did you know?” she asked.

Ginn smiled a little. He leaned back onto his chair to make himself comfortable before replying Jasmine in the same casual tone, “Before I knew who you were, I could already read your emotions.”

Jasmine furrowed her eyebrows. It wasn’t that she didn’t understand his words, but she was actually shocked by them. Her heart was beating fast in her chest when the thought that Ginn truly understood her entered her mind. However, there was also slight irritation that someone she had met not long ago could already read her like an open book.

“I had to invite your mom over as well because if she agreed, it’s like a bonus for me. If she didn’t and allowed me to go out with you, just the both of us, it’s a double bonus for me,” Ginn continued. There was a slight joking tone in his voice when he said that and his smile turned into a cheeky one. Jasmine’s lips curled up as she began to smile as well. Ginn relaxed when he saw that. After all, she was the girl who stole his heart.

“Alright,” Jasmine was no longer tensed. She looked more cheerful and her stiff posture slackened. Then, the waiter who cleared their table reappeared with the desert; brownies covered with melted chocolate sauce with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on the top. Definitely mouthwatering!

“How did you meet the guys at Kaoru’s Cake House?” she questioned while taking a bite out of her slice of cake. She wanted to know more about Ginn Celes.

“I met them years ago while I was still a student in college. The first person I befriended there was Denny. He wasn’t even working for Kaoru’s Cake House then too. Denny’s a dropout who’s really selfish in every bit of his being but also very generous in a lot of ways. He’s also crazy superstitious. It’s funny how he’s older than me because when I’m with him, I feel like we’re the same age. His brain is…” Ginn trailed off to let out a laugh. “He got me addicted to Kaoru’s Cake House. Wing’s cake recipes aren’t comparable to any other in the world too, though.”

Jasmine smiled at the sight of Ginn’s cheerfulness. A guy as macho as him turning into such a cute little child was adorable. She was even amazed by him. The man whom she first believed to be overly egoistic still had a luring sense of humanity in him. However, does this only happen when he was around Jasmine?

“What made you decided to be a fashion designer?” she questioned again, wanting to keep their conversation alive.

Ginn wiped his mouth after taking the final bite from his slice of brownie. He took another sip of water from his glass before answering Jasmine.

“Good question…I became a fashion designer before of a girl I love.”

His tone was light and calm but it didn’t seem that way to Jasmine. His answer was like a knife that stabbed her heart.

‘Because of a girl? He already has a lover?’ Jasmine tried to take another bite from her brownie but it her limbs felt too heavy for her to lift them up. It was like as if stones had been tied to them, weighing them down.

“A girl? Your girlfriend?” the question slipped from her lips.

“I thought she was,” Ginn smiled cynically. He had a faraway look in his eyes when he answered that.

Jasmine was puzzled. This behavior of his wasn’t a part of his usual self. Such a brief answer like that always lead to long questions.

As for Ginn, he was actually trying to test Jasmine’s feelings. He wanted to see how long she could hold her patience and how far she would go for someone she cared for a lot.

“Okay handsome boy, first of all, I don’t like people who leave seemingly thousands of questions in their answer. Can’t you be a little more straightforward?” Jasmine’s request was more like a demand. She forked some of her brownie into her mouth in a quick and angry manner.

Ginn smiled in understanding. He leaned forward, laced his fingers and rested his chin on them.

“You’re really adorable when you’re angry. Even more so when you have some chocolate sauce at the corner of your lip,” the young man lifted his head and unlaced his fingers before reaching out and wiped away the chocolate sauce with his thumb. He then, licked it off, making Jasmine squirm in her seat with reddening cheeks.

After that, Ginn paid for their meal even though Jasmine protested against it. They exited the restaurant side by side. By then, all Jasmine thought was how they were going to part ways now. She didn’t want that. She wanted to spend more time with Ginn.

“Thank you,” she said, hoping that Ginn wanted to spend more time with her like how she did with him.

“143,” Ginn said before walking away.

The most precious gift is when we have a friend—a being who we can completely trust in—who knows our good and bad but still loves us dearly even with the bad.



Merry Christmas!

24 Dec


Yukii and Kuro here to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

The world didn’t end and New Years is just around the corner. We’re all in the holiday mood but don’t worry, we’re not gonna slack off until we’ve delivered our Christmas update for 143 Kaoru’s Cake House (which will be in by the 25th) and found ourselves a Chinese>English translator!

Happy Holidays! <3


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143 Kaoru’s Cake House – Chapter Thirteen

28 Nov

143 Kaoru’s Cake House

Author: Fakhrul Anour

Illustrator: Kaoru

Translator: Yukii 【ゆきい】

Chapter Thirteen : The Awaiting Aroma

It is a pleasure to be with the one you love, but it is also heart-wrenching to accept that the one you love cannot be yours.

That was what Liyana said after her meeting with Izz four days ago.

Yesterday, Jasmine stopped by Kaoru’s Cake House to send a new bunch of chrysanthemum bouquets. She gave Izz a few glances but the black-haired waiter did not give any reactions she was expecting. He smiled wider and talked with her as if his meeting with Liyana that day had a happy result. Jasmine hadn’t even seen a trace of happiness from Liyana’s expression after her best friend’s meeting with Izz that day.

Today, Siti was helping Jasmine’s mother at Maria’s Bouquet. Suki, her mother’s helper, was there as well. Their presences were a relief as the burdens of work for both Jasmine and her mother were lightened.

Currently, the sun was high in the sky. It was already noon. Maria busied herself at he back of the shop by arranging the fresh flowers while Suki attended to the customers. Meanwhile, Jasmine sat alone at the living room area located at the right corner of the shop near the entrance. She was taking a short break after the tiring job of arranging the vases in front of the shop. The rubber gloves that she wore had been removed and carelessly placed on the table while the plastic apron she had on was quickly removed as well. Jasmine wiped the sweat on her forehead away with the small towel draped over her shoulder.

“Will you be having lunch here, Jasmine?” Suki asked after suddenly appearing in front of the girl’s eyes.

“Of course I’ll be having lunch here! Don’t tell me that I should be having it at Kaoru’s Cake House,” Jasmine answered with playful glare.

“How would I know? According to the rumors, your desire is there?” Suki teased while taking a seat on the chair facing Jasmine. Jasmine glared again but with a sweet smile this time. It was definitely her mother who whispered about her going back and forth there.

“My desire there is to eat for free!” Jasmine exclaimed. The two girls broke into a fit of giggles but their fun had to be paused when another customer entered…

Ting Tong!

Immediately, Jasmine’s expression brightened up seemingly ten times more. After all the customer that just entered was the man she harbored a crush on. The young man strode into the shop and smiled when he saw Jasmine who was sitting there and gazing at him. She looked more disheveled compared to the other days. Her clothes were slightly wrinkled, her hair was a little messy and the sheen of sweat on her forehead could be seen although the shop was air-conditioned.

Suki watched the young man with full interest. Who wouldn’t when he was very handsome and extremely stylish at the same time? He was wearing a Tommy Hilfiger Navy Pinstripe 2B suit with a collared, button-up striped blue shirt matched with a Black Striped Cotton Kit tie and a Logo Khaki Web belt which was also by Tommy Hilfiger. On his feet was a pair of black shoes which Suki recognized as ‘Be Cool’ Kenneth Cole.

“Ginn!” Jasmine quickly stood up and greeted the young man. Suki followed in suit but excused herself to the back of the shop instead. In her mind, she was wondering about the handsome, young man. Was he Jasmine’s boyfriend?

“What are you doing here?” Jasmine asked Ginn after Suki left them.

“No real reason. I was passing by when I remembered that I wanted to find you. Want to go for lunch with me?” he replied, stunning Jasmine for a moment. Her mind was registering the moment. Ginn was asking her out! Her dream was becoming a reality! Still, she didn’t immediately jump at the offer.

“Mmm…I have to ask my mother first,” she answered calmly although her heart was really beating a hundred beats a second.

“Ok,” Ginn answered casually even though he was actually worried about his offer getting rejected.

Jasmine headed to the back of the shop to search for her mother but before she could even pass the cashier counter, Maria emerged with a cheerful expression—one that Jasmine understood very well.

‘Suki must have told mom something!’ she thought.

“Hello, sweetie! Where is he?!” Maria questioned.

“Huh?” Jasmine tilted her head to one side. She knew who her mother was implying but she felt no need to answer her. She was a little irritated at her mother’s eagerness.

Before Jasmine could receive a reply from her, her mother saw the young man standing near the entrance of the shop and hurried towards him.

“Ginn! I’m glad to see you here in my shop,” Maria exclaimed cheerfully. Ginn on the other hand, barely had time to be surprised by the presence of the mother of his neighbor. She was the woman he met months ago before meeting her daughter.

“I just was passing by. I wanted to ask if you and your daughter would like to have lunch together with me,” Ginn’s answered puzzled Jasmine. Didn’t he want to go out for lunch with her only?

Suki announced her presence by lightly pinching Jasmine on her shoulder. The girl turned around to see her mother’s helper wearing an expression of raised eyebrows in a suggestive manner. Jasmine’s eyes narrowed into a glare—a warning to Suki to mind her own business, but Suki shrugged it off and pinched Jasmine’s cheek instead.

“Oh? Well I’m afraid I can’t, Ginn. I have a lot of work that needs to be done here. I’ll just have lunch with Suki. Ginn, you should go out and have lunch with Jasmine only instead,” Maria said in a tone of disappointment to which Ginn replied with a nod. His left arm was the patted by Maria as if he was her son. The scene touched Jasmine, but Ginn’s earlier reply to her mother was nagging at her in her mind. He wanted to invite her out for lunch—only her, and yet after her mother appeared, he changed his invitation.

‘What a sycophants!’ Jasmine exclaimed mentally.

“Jasmine!” Maria’s voice brought the girl back to reality. She was about to approach her mother when a quiet ‘Ahem!’ from Suki’s direction made her freeze for a moment. She sent one last glare to her mother’s helper which earned a small giggle in return. Jasmine resumed heading towards her mother’s side.

“Yes mom?”

“Accompany Ginn for lunch, will you? I can’t go along and leave Suki here all alone,” Maria said. Jasmine’s nod in reply was watched in relief by Ginn, although he noted the hints of dismay on her expression.

“Thanks a lot, Ginn. It’s sweet of you to come by and take proper care of my daughter, alright?” Maria told Ginn who happily nodded back. The situation was like the one where the mother was giving her child’s lover her full consent. Jasmine who was getting embarrassed by each passing second, wanted to leave badly. Perhaps this was interesting to her mother and Suki because she harbored feelings for the young man. Still, there was no denial that she wanted to question Ginn’s honestly too.

Ginn opened the shop’s door and allowed Jasmine to exit first. Maria and Suki watched them leave while waving. There were gleeful to see those two together.

“I knew that they would be good friends,” Maria stated once Ginn and Jasmine disappeared from their view.

“They look perfect for each other,” Suki added chirpily. Maria replied with a smile before heading back to work. There were too many things that needed her attention like arranging the fresh flowers at the back of the shop.

Ting Tong!

It was time for Suki to continue her work of attending to the customers as well.


10 Nov

Hello, hello!

It has been a very long time hasn’t it? We’re very sorry for not updating as we’ve been searching hard for a Chinese>English translator (which we’ve still haven’t found yet), looking for new novels to translate and we’ve been held up by lots of real life stuff. We know that this sounds like an excuse but we have no other reasons for our absence.

Currently, it is only just Yukii and Kuro who are active and contact-able on this site. Sadly, both of us are not able to translate from Chinese to English hence why Twenty-One Nights Roses still has not received an update. Our previous and only translator is MIA. Yes, you can see that we’re desperate for someone who can help us translate this series so if you know anyone who’s willing to help, please do direct them here!

As for 143 Kaoru’s Cake House, Yukii will resume translating and posting the rest of the chapters after next week. If you have any novel suggestions (Malay or Japanese) for us to translate, just send the list (if there is one) via the contact page.  We’ll be happier if you have the scans too!



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143 Kaoru’s Cake House – Chapter Twelve (Part Two)

9 Jul

Yukii【ゆきい】: Hello everyone and sorry for the long wait! Things have been pretty hectic! Anyway, here’s part two of chapter twelve for 143 Kaoru’s Cake House!

We’re currently in need of Chinese to English translators so if you’re someone who knows those two languages and would like to assist us in translating, will you join us? And if you know someone who does instead…please beg them to help us for us? We need help with translating Twenty-One Nights Rose!

Also, we’re doing ‘trades’! Seeing as there are a lot of manga scanlation groups needing help and that we need help as well, I’m offering to be a Proofreader, Quality Checker and/or Typesetter(I have no experience in this so I’ll need to be shown the ropes…I’m a fast learner) as long as you can get a C>E translator for the ‘trade’! [For example, _ pages for _ pages, or _ chapter(s) for _ chapter(s).] If you’re in need to a Malay>English translator (for eg: Kaoru’s works), I can help as well.

Yes, you can see that we’re pretty desperate at this point… OTL But, nevertheless, enjoy reading~!


143 Kaoru’s Cake House

Author: Fakhrul Anour

Illustrator: Kaoru

Translator: Yukii 【ゆきい】

Chapter Twelve : Kaoru’s Cake House, IV

Part Two

When an obstacle is met in the flowing river that represents love, a bridge will be built to cross it…

“So…what happened?”

The attention of both Denny and Bob on Liyana and Izz was interrupted when Ginn’s voice brought them back to reality. How long had he been standing at the cashier counter? Denny and Bob didn’t know, but Elle, Mike and Moon were standing beside him. They were watching Izz and Liyana exit Kaoru’s Cake House.

However, Ginn was staring at Jasmine’s direction. Jasmine had also averted her attention to him. From where Jasmine stood, nearly thirty meters away from the cashier counter, both she and Ginn were smiling at each other. The pleased feeling they shared didn’t have to be spoken out loud for everyone to know how they felt.

Seeing how Ginn and the others were done, Bob hurriedly left the cashier counter and headed to the table they had sat at. He proceeded to clean it up.

“I’m assuming that you have already decided on the wedding dress?” Wing who realized that his companion was about to leave asked from the kitchen bar counter.

“The wedding dress has been decided for quite a while already. I think about an hour ago? We just wanted to hang around a little longer. After all, this shop got cozier with all the chrysanthemums,” Ginn replied while glancing at Jasmine who was walking to the cashier counter. He knew she could hear his compliment since his voice was clear and loud.

Hearing his answer, Wing then excused himself back into the kitchen so he could start closing up the shop. On the weekends, Kaoru’s Cake House would close at four in the evening. The other customers had long left. The clock’s hands were pointing to 3.30. The sky outside was turning orange-pink and today was a Saturday as well.

“Chrysanthemums are refreshing flowers. However, not everybody thinks of them as more than flowers used to make drinks,” Jasmine commented once she reached the cashier counter, staring deeply into Ginn’s eyes without blinking.

Elle could clearly tell what the un-breaking stare meant. It was accompanied by smiles from both people. Behind him, Moon reached for her fiancé’s hand and held it. They exchanged smiles. Elle could feel their actions as well.

Even though love made me fall, I will still continue to fall again no matter what.

“The total is RM 52.65,” Denny’s voice broke the silence. Although Ginn hadn’t asked him yet, he had done it on purpose to break the moment with heavy concentrations of love radiating in to the air.  It was a moment that he was very envious of.

Ginn frowned and glared at Denny. Still, it was a good thing that the interruption was coming from his friend. If not, he would’ve long been pinched back to reality by the same friend—or Mike—if the person behind the counter was a stranger. Ginn took out his wallet from his jeans’ back pocket.

“Add her bill in with ours,” Ginn said while using his thumb to point at Jasmine over his shoulder. The girl was taken aback by this and tried to decline, but Ginn merely smiled broadly. “Don’t worry. After all, we’re neighbors,” he assured.

“Alright…but, it’s my treat next time,” Jasmine reluctantly agreed while Ginn nodded. Elle, on the other hand, was growing envious. ‘Neighbors!?’ he exclaimed bitterly in his mind.

Denny too, was growing angry. He couldn’t do anything though. Jasmine looked like she was really comfortable around Ginn. From the way she smiled, her actions to her stares, it was obviously that Ginn had a place in her heart.

“The new total is RM 70.00. I gave you a 10% discount,” Denny spoke up again with a rude tone and a bright smile this time.

Ginn raised his eyebrows at his friend’s attitude. “Oh? There’s a discount?” he questioned playfully but handed a pair of RM 50 notes to Denny. Denny didn’t say anything in reply. He took the money and handed back the change in a few seconds.

“Well, we’ll be leaving first, Ginn. Don’t forget tonight is dinner night at mom’s house, ok?” Mike told Ginn before facing Elle and adding, “Elle, please do join us tonight? Mom always asks about you. She keeps saying that it’s been long since you’ve visited her although she understands that you’ve been very busy.”

“I’m afraid I can’t. I have a dinner with a client tonight. Tell your mom that I’ll call later,” Elle could only smile while replying.

Mike nodded his head in agreement before leaving Kaoru’s Cake House with his fiancée, leaving Gin standing in between of the front door and the cashier counter with Elle and Jasmine. Ginn turned to face Elle.

“A client you say? Or you’re an ex-girlfriend? As far as I know, there’s no work lined up this weekend,” he teased with a sly smile.

Elle was trapped. He felt even more so when the other person hearing this was Jasmine, the girl he hoped to have a bond of friendship with. Was Ginn doing this on purpose?

‘No, Ginn wouldn’t,’ Elle thought. His business partner doesn’t know that he was attracted to Jasmine. Still, maybe it isn’t too late for a save.

“Well…it’s nothing serious, just a casual meeting with Datin Sharifah’s child—the one that I designed clothes for one of their functions previously,” Elle answered calmly.

“The daughter or the son?” Ginn questioned with the teasing tone still present. Jasmine glanced at Ginn suspiciously and Elle couldn’t help but felt upset at that moment. He was embarrassed to be asked like that in front of Jasmine who was beginning to smile an understanding smile. Maybe she was thinking about something way off topic already.

“The daughter, of course,” Elle replied a little sternly.

“A casual meeting with Julie, eh? Be careful or you’ll be wrapped around her fingers,” Ginn patted his friend’s shoulder, causing Elle to smile in process.

“I will, I will! Well, I’m leaving now. If there’s anything, call me. Don’t forget the appointment we have with Fuse-Fashion magazine next Monday! We need to arrange an appropriate date for the photo shooting,” Elle reminded. The other male nodded his head back in reply.

Before Elle began to leave, he gave Jasmine a smile and excused himself. The girl replied with a smile of her own. She held out her hand and they shared a handshake. Seeing that, Ginn grew a little jealous. Jasmine was shaking hands with Elle but not him? He faced Jasmine immediately after Elle left the place. Jasmine faced him as well with her lips curved up into a sweeter smile.

“So…who are you leaving with?” Ginn plucked one of the random questions that appeared in his mind and asked.

“With that love-struck friend of mine,” Jasmine answered while gesturing to Liyana who was comfortably conversing with Izz at the front lawn of Kaoru’s Cake House near the large old tree.

Ginn nodded his head. He stuffed his hands into his jeans’ front pockets and stood there for a moment while Jasmine waited for him to say something else. He looked like he wanted to. Could it be about yesterday?

“Well, I should go now. See you next time?” Ginn’s awkwardly said sentences were replied with a nod from Jasmine. She felt a little disappointed. It was as if the guy didn’t know how to arrange the next step, or were the feelings she experienced yesterday just side effects of the drama? Jasmine didn’t want to think about it anymore. ‘See you next time’ was a boring utterance.

“Yeah,” Jasmine briefly replied. She watched Ginn as he exited Kaoru’s Cake House.

When Ginn looked over his shoulder and found that Jasmine was watching him from inside the shop. He waved his hand. The girl returned his wave and Ginn felt all fluttery inside. The situation was like a wife telling goodbye to her husband as he was leaving for war. Ginn didn’t even realize that he walked past Liyana and Izz, both still conversing about their feelings.

Trying to forget the one you love is like trying to remember someone you have never meet before…


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