10 Nov

Hello, hello!

It has been a very long time hasn’t it? We’re very sorry for not updating as we’ve been searching hard for a Chinese>English translator (which we’ve still haven’t found yet), looking for new novels to translate and we’ve been held up by lots of real life stuff. We know that this sounds like an excuse but we have no other reasons for our absence.

Currently, it is only just Yukii and Kuro who are active and contact-able on this site. Sadly, both of us are not able to translate from Chinese to English hence why Twenty-One Nights Roses still has not received an update. Our previous and only translator is MIA. Yes, you can see that we’re desperate for someone who can help us translate this series so if you know anyone who’s willing to help, please do direct them here!

As for 143 Kaoru’s Cake House, Yukii will resume translating and posting the rest of the chapters after next week. If you have any novel suggestions (Malay or Japanese) for us to translate, just send the list (if there is one) via the contact page.  We’ll be happier if you have the scans too!



Yukii and Kuro


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