PS の Staff

Polyphonic Story の Staff


☆ Founder, Site Manager, BM > English Translator, Editor, Proofreader, Scanner/Raws Provider…basically, almost everything

The happy-go-lucky blur-case founder of PS. She loves music, tea, Alice in the Wonderland, stories, anime, cosplay, manga, games & cute/funny things.


Kurobara Chou (a.k.a. Kuro)

★ Assistant Site Manager, Project Manager, The Person behind the Computer When Yukii’s MIA

The impatient perfectionist assistant of Yukii’s who’s obsessed with tea & Alice in the Wonderland as well. She’s like a 70% dark chocolate. One needs to get past her bitter front to reach her sweet soul.




★ Proofreader

An easy going Canadian who has too much spare time and not enough to do. Favourite pasttime? People watching.





☆ Chinese > English Translator





★ BM > English Translator

She’s your everyday, average brunette who has the most awesome best friend a girl can ask for. Sarane loves writing and reading, and apparently has an odd fetish for speed and guns, especially sniper rifles. She also love music very much, just as much as she love Mother Nature but not that much. :P


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