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143 Kaoru’s Cake House – Chapter Eighteen

22 Oct

201143 Kaoru's Cake House

143 Kaoru’s Cake House

Author: Fakhrul Anour

Illustrator: Kaoru

Translator: Yukii

Proofreader: thepurplepygmy

Chapter Eighteen : Kaoru’s Cake House, V

Live together and work together – not only for the sake of each other, but for one’s own sake as well.

Jasmine was highly anticipating Ginn’s return – so much so that she was barely able to focus as his return date neared. Her attention wasn’t on on the breakfast with her mother and Suki, the new information given by Elle that her FUSE-FASHION photo shoot would commence in only five days, and on the small shopping trip the other two did at Sunway Pyramid. She was only focused on the fact that she and Ginn would finally be able to spend time together. Jasmine gathered her thoughts and collected herself as she stepped into Kaoru’s Cake House. Inside were the friends she made there… and Ginn.

However, Jasmine found herself struggling to find words to speak to the young man she had long awaited to return from his overseas trip, and instead focused her attention on Denny, who looked more cheerful than ever before.

“What’s gotten into you?” she smiled back at the blonde.

“Nothing, nothing~ I’m my normal self!”

Ginn pinched Denny’s cheek at his remark. He knew that his friend was keeping a secret.

Jasmine turned her attention to Izz and studied the man. His expression betrayed him of no emotions. Even after reuniting with Liyana, he retained his usual calm demeanor. Catching sight of Jasmine’s gaze, Izz smiled and nodded politely at her direction. The girl returned his smile, and although she anxiously wanted to prod him about his relationship with her best friend, she refrained. As neither parties broached the topic first, Jasmine didn’t want to come off as a busybody. Not to mention, she had been too immersed in things in her own life… particularly in a little subject called “love.”

Jasmine glanced at Ginn who caught her look and smiled. This game of smiling continued to the point where the others noticed that they were clearly in love. Denny could only shake his head, smiling at the two lovebirds, as he was the only one in the shop who knew more about their situation than anybody else.

Love is an emotion that forgives, accompanied by habitual soft gazes.

After giving his order, Ginn took a seat near the far right corner of the shop. Located close to the hidden balcony of the cake house and secluded from the other tables, the seat was a strategic spot for those who wanted to spend some private time with one’s significant other. Meanwhile, Jasmine was still studying the cakes on display with full concentration.

“Hey, Jasmine… I want to ask you something.”

She turned towards the voice, but saw only Denny who was looking down at the cash register. She could have sworn that it was he who spoke to her, but he only replied with silence at her stand to attention. As the girl was about to turn back to the cakes, Denny’s gaze flitted at her.

“Did Ginn say anything special to you?”

Confused, Jasmine shook her head.


Again, she shook her head. She averted her gaze to Ginn who appeared like he was in a reverie, staring at the view outside the window. Denny hissed at her actions, in fear that Ginn would notice her staring. Jasmine’s gaze snapped back to the blonde.

“Has he professed his love to you?”

With cheeks burning red and a demure smile, Jasmine shook her head a third time causing Denny’s lips to form a thin line.

“And Elle?”

Jasmine’s eyes widened. The main question in her mind was why Denny mentioned Elle’s name at all but even so, the memory of her and Elle enjoying themselves at the botanical garden replayed itself. She felt a small tug at her heart; she missed his presence.

“What about him?” she asked Denny, but Bob cut him off before the blonde could muster a reply.

“He liked you before and now he’s a busybody since the apple of his eye came back already~”

Denny had Bob in an immediate headlock, but unfortunately for the short-haired blonde, the other blonde that was residing in the kitchen of Kaoru’s Cake House suddenly emerged.

“Hey! Are you fooling around or working?!” Wing’s stern eyes narrowed further at the duo while a menacing aura appeared. Denny released Bob as though he had been scorched by fire and the two of them resumed their earlier work.

“Hello, Jasmine,” Wing smiled comfortingly as though the menacing aura from earlier was never there at all. “Where’s Ginn?”

“He’s over there…” Jasmine gestured to the corner where Ginn sat. This time, the young man cast his gaze towards the cashier counter and found Denny waving at him. He thought it was weird but dismissed it as part of Denny’s quirky, comical attitude. Ginn shook his head while Wing made his way towards the young fashion designer, leaving Denny alone with Jasmine once more. However, a new presence suddenly appeared in the Cake House.

“Hello dear~ I’ve missed you so much, 143!”

Jasmine’s head snapped to the entrance and found herself staring at a petite girl sporting a black bob skipping towards the cashier counter. Her features were akin to a child’s with her wide doe-eyes, button nose and small lips. Not to mention her skin too had a dewy, flawless look to it. Puzzled, the girl returned Jasmine’s stare.

“Hello, and 143 to you too, darling,” Denny replied, causing Jasmine to revert her stare back at the blonde. Denny grinned shyly.

“This is Jenny. Darling, this is Jasmine: one of Kaoru’s Cake House’s best customers,” he introduced.

“Hi, nice to meet you,” Jasmine smiled at the petite girl, who now had a name to her face.

“Hey,” Jenny beamed.

“Well, I’m going to head over there now. You guys have fun conversing. Let’s talk some time when we’re free,” Jasmine directed the last line to Jenny and then headed towards Ginn who was still in a conversation with Wing. Though, she wasn’t as much focused on guessing what their topic of conversation was, as to finding the meaning to the three numerals. Just what on earth did ‘143’ mean?! Ginn once spoke them to her the first time they dined together at Kelantan Delights. Today, she heard them again but spoken to each other by Denny and Jenny.

‘…Is it a secret code between lovers? Or is it something else?’

Jasmine soon grew frustrated and forced the thoughts back. Calming herself down, she decided that she would eventually learn the meaning of what the three numbers meant when the time was right. Whether by fate or coincidence, a familiar notification tone played, indicating that Jasmine had received a new text. Pulling out the phone from her back pocket, she saw that it was from Elle with the content being a simple ‘143’. The earlier thoughts resurfaced and the guessing game restarted in her mind.

‘My condo’s number is E-14-3 but that can’t be what it means since I’m pretty sure that Elle, Denny and Jenny don’t know where I live…’

Little did Jasmine know, her frustrations would not be ending anytime soon.



143 Kaoru’s Cake House – Chapter Seventeen

6 Oct

201143 Kaoru's Cake House

143 Kaoru’s Cake House

Author: Fakhrul Anour

Illustrator: Kaoru

Translator: Yukii

Proofreader: thepurplepygmy

Chapter Seventeen : If This is Love

Elle could hardly believe that four hours had gone by so quickly during their stay at the Botanical Park of Bukit Cahaya on their way back. Every second they had spent together there was so fun and exhilarating that Elle couldn’t help but realize that Jasmine’s existence brightened up his life—much like his sister Berry.

“You’re really good at conversing with people, huh? I’ve never had so much fun spending time with a girl like this before,” Elle complimented.

Jasmine smiled demurely. “Actually, I don’t talk much, especially with guys. Sure, if it were just friendly greetings and all, I’d have no problems, but I don’t usually go out of my way to converse with people. So it was surprising to me as well as to why I was willing to accompany you to that garden. Thankfully, there weren’t too many people there—some horndog could’ve just popped out from nowhere!”

Elle pursed his lips. That horndog comment was definitely meant for him him.

“ ‘Some horndog’, huh? A cat in heat shouldn’t be saying something like that.”

“Excuse me?!” Jasmine narrowed her eyes as she playfully pinched Elle’s left arm.

“Hey, hey! Don’t do that! I’m driving here!” Elle protested, trying to avoid the girl’s poised fingers.

Jasmine complied, laughing quietly under her breath. Through the corners of his eyes, Elle watched as she turned to the window, observing as the ever-changing scenery passing them by. A pleasant silence filled the air between the duo, and the corners of Elle’s lips curled up ever so slightly.

‘If only we can be together always…’ he thought wistfully.

A soft melody akin to a music box suddenly filled the air and Jasmine hurriedly opened her purse, fishing out her hand phone. Looking at the screen, she smiled before averting her gaze to Elle.

“Ginn sent an MMS again.”

Elle could do nothing but to try and maintain his smile under Jasmine’s innocent gaze.

“It’s a picture of the fashion show!” Jasmine showed her phone’s screen to Elle excitedly. Ginn was standing there in all his glory with a peace sign and his tongue stuck out, while a model on the catwalk could be seen in the background—probably doing a practice run before the real event later on in the evening.

Pride swelled within Elle, even though his mind reminded him that Jasmine was only by his side momentarily. His business partner would be back tomorrow the next afternoon.

“They do not love that do not show their love. The course of true love never did run smooth. Love is a familiar. Love is a devil. There is no evil angel but Love” – William Shakespeare, “Two Gentlemen from Verona,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Love’s Labour’s Lost.”


143 Kaoru’s Cake House – Chapter Sixteen

24 Sep


201143 Kaoru's Cake House

143 Kaoru’s Cake House

Author: Fakhrul Anour

Illustrator: Kaoru

Translator: Yukii

Proofreader: thepurplepygmy

Chapter Sixteen : Happiness without Hope

It was a pleasant ride to Shah Alam. Conversation filled the air of Elle’s Satrio Neo as Jasmine gradually became more comfortable with the young man when she found out that he was also Ginn’s business partner.

“Why do you drive a Satrio Neo when Ginn drives something more expensive?” Jasmine seemingly questioned out of the blue when Elle stopped before a traffic light of Section 9 near Concorde Hotel.

“Ginn’s tastes are different from mine. He likes rewarding himself with expensive things, especially when celebrating success. I think it’s weird, but to each his own,” Elle shrugged and continued driving once the light turned green. “He bought that Fiat Brava after the success of his Moon-Glit collection which brought Berry’C to fame.”

“So basically Ginn brought Berry’C fame?”

Elle nodded.

“But weren’t you the one who won the fashion designer award in London?” Jasmine’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. She recalled the words of Datin Sharifah which was also the first time she had heard of Berry’C and Elle Cavier.

“How did you know that?” Elle glanced at her, impressed.

“Elle Cavier, you’re one of Malaysia’s top designers. How can I not know? I’m a fashion lover too!”

A grin tugged at the corner of Elle’s lips when he heard Jasmine’s exclamation, though he said nothing in reply. Instead he turned right, towards Bukit Cerakah, keen to enjoy the nature with Jasmine at the Botanical Park of Bukit Cahaya, Seri Alam. It was an attraction that Jasmine had wanted to visit for a long time already—ever since she was in university, but she never found a chance.

“We started Berry’C about four years ago, after my sister, Berry, got married,” Elle said while getting out of his car. Jasmine was already standing on the pavement, waiting.

“That means that the boutique is named after your sister?”

Elle nodded in reply again.

“She must be really special then,” Jasmine smiled.

“She’s my only sister. She inspires and aspires me to become a great designer, just like how Moon does for Ginn.”

Jasmine froze in an instant. Moon? Who’s that? It was a completely foreign name to her and it was one that brought a sinking feeling into Jasmine’s stomach. Elle faced her, confused until he recalled his earlier words and let out a regretful sigh.

“You want to ask about Moon, right?” Elle voiced out his suspicions, keeping an eye on Jasmine’s reactions.

However, the girl showed her pearly whites and tugged his sleeve instead.

“Come on! We can talk about that inside, I want to go in and see everything first!”

Elle obeyed, but he also knew that Jasmine was masking her dismay.

“Don’t read too much into what I said.”

The smile remained while she continued to steer the young man towards the ticket counter as though she no longer cared for the matter, adding to Elle’s confusion. He knew that her disappointment was grounded but still, she chose to hide it. Elle hoped that by spending the day with her, it would make her forget the feelings she was trying to conceal. He didn’t know whether she was doing the right thing or not, but he knew that the more time he spent with her, the more he felt a connection between them.

When it comes to true love, we will need the goodness of our significant other whereas in romantic love, we will need our significant other’s entire being.

Almost an hour had passed since Elle and Jasmine went around the botanical garden on their rented bikes, taking in the breathtaking views. Jasmine was already tuckered out, as was her companion for the day. How could they not? The both of them had cycled up and down hills, chased each other, and basically had the time of their lives before coming to a halt at a resting stop near Sungai Baru’s dam.

Jasmine breathed in deeply while fanning herself with her hands, waiting for a breeze to pass by so their hot and sweaty bodies could cool down. Elle leaned against one of the pillars, gazing at the greens. He didn’t notice Jasmine studying him until moments later.


“Nothing, you’re gorgeous even when you look miserable,” Jasmine answered nonchalantly. It was true because whenever she saw the man, he would be dressed fashionably even when he’s being ‘casual’. Though, presently, Elle’s hair fell over his eyes, style-less. His shirt was soaked with sweat and his face was red from the weather. Still, Jasmine could detect faint traces of Elle’s cologne.

“Hmm, did you fall for me?” Elle teased, earning a sharp glare from Jasmine.

“Pffft. As if! Don’t get cocky!”

As Elle snickered and Jasmine smiled, both of them didn’t realize that they had gotten closer to each other. A comfortable silence fell on them afterwards, though not for long.

“You don’t have a girlfriend yet?” Jasmine questioned.

Elle didn’t answer immediately. His gaze remained on the view beyond the dam, fixed on the sky. It was as if he was deep in thought, finding a suitable reply.

“I had given all of my attention to my sister. She’s my only love in Malaysia since the other members of our family were elsewhere.”

Hearing this, Jasmine couldn’t help but felt touched in a sense. He was definitely a loving and devoted brother.

“Where is she now?”


“Your sister, obviously.”

“Now, she’s with a fine young man who adores her just as much. He’s also a man that I trust deeply…because he passed all of my obstacle tests,” Elle laughed.

“Berry’s lucky to have a brother like you,” Jasmine grinned.

“You don’t have one?”

“Only child,” she answered simply.

“No wonder you’re so spoiled,” Elle began to tease again.

“Excuse me?!”

Elle was about to run away when Jasmine’s face appeared in front of him with her hands on her hips. He then, pleaded for her to have mercy and to not be angry…only to receive giggles in return. Stunned, Elle could only watch Jasmine as she reclaimed her spot beside him.

“What’s wrong with you?” he muttered unhappily, only to have discomfort added upon him when Jasmine’s gaze locked with his. Her stare made his heart beat faster.

“You’re too serious,” she said flatly. “I was only joking and you got scared. If I bring you along to a horror movie, I bet that you’ll piss your pants.”

“Excuse me?!” Elle immediately stood up and mimicked Jasmine’s earlier actions while trying to contain his laughter. She was such a cheeky person!

Jasmine playfully punched Elle when she realized that he was trying to mock her. The both of them fell into a fit of laughter, so immersed in their own world to the point that they didn’t notice the other visitors of the park passing them by.

Every second spent with the one you love is a happy moment that should always be cherished, compared to a lifetime spent normally and in boredom.


Chinese to English Translator Wanted!

21 Sep

Polyphonic Story is in the dire need of Chinese (Mandarin) to English translators!

Without one, we’re afraid that PS will have to go on another hiatus as 143 Kaoru’s Cake House will be ending soon…

So, in order to keep PS alive and to bring out the following chapters of Twenty-One Nights Rose and future releases, please apply to be a Chinese>English translator if you have knowledge in the language. It’s fine if you only want to be here short term (as in translate one chapter or so only), we’ll be eternally grateful either way!


143 Kaoru’s Cake House – Chapter Fifteen

16 Sep

201143 Kaoru's Cake House

143 Kaoru’s Cake House

Author: Fakhrul Anour

Illustrator: Kaoru

Translator: Yukii

Chapter Fifteen : He who Loves

Your first love is also the greatest among all the other loves. Those beautiful memories are irreplaceable…if possible, relive them.

Four days have passed since their date at Kelantan Delights; four days which Ginn Celes spent away from home. He had gone to Shanghai to see to the preparations of Berry’C’s up-and-coming fashion show there. As much as Jasmine missed him, she had to admit that being to communicate worldwide with the help of technology made things easier. Every day, she would get a message telling her his experiences in Shanghai. Sometimes, she would get pictures via MMS—including a selfie of him fresh out of the shower with nothing on but a towel. Embarrassed but happy, Jasmine found herself more optimistic in life when she realized how much she was loved.

Depending on your capability to love and embrace your surroundings along with everything that comes with being loved, distance may or may not be an obstacle.

“What’s the happiest thing when you’re loved?”

That, was Jasmine’s question to Elle Cavier when the young man invited her out for lunch at Kaoru’s Cake House, and it was one that centered around the new, giddying emotions she was feeling inside her being. Though, these swirling emotions had only intensified after she noticed the chemistry after an hour’s conversation—after she agreed to be the new model of Berry’C for FUSE-FASHION magazine, news that Ginn only found out a day after he arrived in Shanghai.

“I believe that it depends on the person,” Elle answered, sipping his coffee.

“Well, for me, love doesn’t need words. It happens on its own and doesn’t need to be repeated. Understanding can clear all the problems,” Jasmine said, full of emotions and pronouncing each word clearly, impressing Elle. She looked so sincere and proven by her expression, she was in love. Does she have a boyfriend already? …Or has Ginn already made her his?

“Why do you say so?”

Jasmine shrugged.

“I just thought that it should be existent in love, not like any of those Hindustan movies or cheap romance flicks!” she laughed and added, “Like that movie ‘LOVE’ or something. It’s amazing what they revealed about love!”

In reply, Elle nodded. If her being in love wasn’t obvious before, it was as clear as day now. Plus, Jasmine was enjoying herself, raising questions about that particular emotion, and once again, Elle lost in the game. The person he was after was already caged by another, though whose cage was it? Only one name popped up in Elle’s mind and it was none other than Ginn Celes.

“Hey…how about I bring you around Shah Alam in my new ride?” Elle suggested while rising from his chair and Jasmine was dazed. Had she heard right?

“That’s only if you’ve nothing else to do of course,” Elle quickly continued upon seeing her expression.

“I’d like that, but I’m worried that you’d have your hands full entertaining me,” Jasmine followed Elle towards the cashier counter. Meanwhile, Denny who had noticed the approaching pair couldn’t help but felt slightly envious of how close they were. Noticing this, the corners of Elle’s mouth curled up. He handed a fifty ringgit note to Denny, telling him to calculate the total money they owed. He was sure that both his and Jasmine’s orders added up to no more than number. After all, he often came here.

Without telling them how much their total was, Denny handed Elle the balance and in one swift motion, Elle stuffed the cash into his wallet before slipping it into his back pants pocket. He gave Jasmine a brighter smile.

“Let’s go. There’s nothing worth to entertain but you.”

It was a dangerous sentence spoken by a male to a female—a sentence that showed that Elle was trying to beguile Jasmine and that didn’t sit well with Denny.

“Come again!” he called out to the backs of Elle and Jasmine. The both of them turned their heads, smiling back.

“It’s impossible not to!” Jasmine replied before stepping out of the building. Elle had held the door open for her but Denny didn’t care about that. The girl’s answer lifted his spirits again…until he realized something: who was he when compared to Elle? Or even Ginn? Would Jasmine even consider seeing him as someone more than a friend?

“Hoi! Daydreaming, seriously? Didn’t you notice the customers standing in front of you?” Wing suddenly popped out as though he had materialized out of thin air. Immediately, Denny snapped back into reality and found a middle-aged couple smiling before him. Embarrassed, he quickly apologized but the husband waved it off, giving a glance filled with adoration to his wife.

Sensing that his job was done, Wing returned to his real one in the kitchen. He had noticed the look the man gave to his wife and somehow, he was affected by it. The chef thought that the world of love was truly beautiful as long as one has found his or her true love.

Wing’s gaze landed on Izz who was busy washing the dishes alone, unaware of—or just ignoring—the former’s presence.

‘Still, it’s painful when you’ve already found the right one only to…’

At once, Wing shook away the thought. It wasn’t really his business so he averted his attention to his first love instead; Kaoru’s Cake House.

Absence is less of a danger to love compared to the test of staying together forever.

Once the middle-aged couple left the place, a new customer came in and the sight of the newcomer stunned Denny.

“Jenny?!” her name managed to slip from his lips. On the other hand, Bob, who had been concentrating hard on arranging the flowers on one of the corner tables, turned his head when he heard the familiar name.

“Hi!” the bobbed-hair girl waved. She quickly closed the distance between Denny and herself—only the counter kept their bodies from touching—before she asked the blonde man how he was doing.

“I’m great,” Denny grinned. At once, Jasmine vanished from his thoughts that were now occupied by the girl in front of him. She had once stolen his heart but their relationship had never taken a step further from friendship. Though, her present reappearance, just a year after her last, brought a new hope to Denny. Jenny, the girl, had been in his life for a whole year after all. Every day last year, she visited Kaoru’s Cake House just to see him. Once, she even told him that he brightened her days. He had a hunch that he had helped her recover from her breakup with ex-boyfriend, Roy to some degree.

“Thanks for remembering me…” Jenny’s expression softened. Her eyes followed Denny as he slipped out of the cashier counter and stood beside her.

“Where did you disappear off to all this while? Gone with the wind, did you?”

Jenny could only smile. Denny was still the jokester she remembered.

“Could you not ask? I’m back for good now. I want to start afresh.”

Hearing that, Denny could barely hold back his sigh of relief. The corners of his mouth turned up into another grin as his eyes gained a mischievous twinkle.

“I’m surprised how you still know how to thank people.”

Puh-lease, its common courtesy.”

And, laughter erupted from the both of them. Seeing them, Bob smiled from his spot while Wing, who had just emerged from the kitchen, was surprised to see Jenny.

‘Love has never been selfish,’ Wing mused to himself after Jenny flashed him her pearly whites.

The ties of love that has been accidentally severed is an incident that fools separation itself for there is always fantasy which holds figments of reality within it.

Denny was entirely sure that Jasmine no longer held his interests. He had realized that loneliness had tricked him. It allowed Jasmine to draw a path towards his heart when he already had a person who completed it to begin with.

143 Kaoru’s Cake House – Chapter Fourteen

25 Dec

Yukii【ゆきい】: Here’s the promised Christmas update everyone! Merry Christmas!!! <3


201143 Kaoru's Cake House

143 Kaoru’s Cake House

Author: Fakhrul Anour

Illustrator: Kaoru

Translator: Yukii【ゆきい】

Chapter Fourteen : Everyone’s Different But Love Remains The Same

The famous twin towers of Suria KLCC stands in the middle of the city where locals, non-locals and tourists bustled around, minding their own business. This meant no less for those hanging around the KLCC park—especially for the teens and young adults who were dressed in different modern fashions like goth, punk, country and alternative. There were also couples all around. The sights of them were like a free romance movie for those who sat in nearby cafes.

The things shown before our eyes and even behind our backs are only small matters when compared to what is shown between us.

Ginn Celes however, wasn’t fond of such public displays of affection. It made him uncomfortable, even more so when he was now beside a beautiful girl that he harbored a crush on.

Ginn’s first choice for a place to have lunch together with Jasmine was the restaurant where he once dined with Moon on their first date. It was one of those restaurants that would make you think twice before returning with the prices on the menus.

“The food and drinks here are very pricey. Don’t you think it would’ve been better if we had our lunch at some other normal and cheaper restaurant?” Jasmine questioned after the waiter walked away with their empty plates once both she and Ginn had finished their meals.

“It’s okay to dine at an expensive restaurant now and then. There’s no need for complaints,” Ginn took a sip of his water. The clicking sounds of dining utensils against crockery and chatter filled the entire place.

Jasmine glared at him with her lips pursed, showing her lack of satisfaction. Ginn, on the other hand, calmly watched her before a knowing smile crept up his lips.

“You still want to protest?”

The girl let out a sharp breath and turned her attention to the view outside the restaurant. She forced her eyes on the passersby and continued to ignore Ginn who merely allowed her to do what she pleased.

“I know you want to say something, right? Something about what I told your mother while we were still at the shop,” he then, casually said with his eyes trained on Jasmine.

Jasmine’s head whipped back to the man that sat before her. Her expression was one of confusion and surprise.

“How did you know?” she asked.

Ginn smiled a little. He leaned back onto his chair to make himself comfortable before replying Jasmine in the same casual tone, “Before I knew who you were, I could already read your emotions.”

Jasmine furrowed her eyebrows. It wasn’t that she didn’t understand his words, but she was actually shocked by them. Her heart was beating fast in her chest when the thought that Ginn truly understood her entered her mind. However, there was also slight irritation that someone she had met not long ago could already read her like an open book.

“I had to invite your mom over as well because if she agreed, it’s like a bonus for me. If she didn’t and allowed me to go out with you, just the both of us, it’s a double bonus for me,” Ginn continued. There was a slight joking tone in his voice when he said that and his smile turned into a cheeky one. Jasmine’s lips curled up as she began to smile as well. Ginn relaxed when he saw that. After all, she was the girl who stole his heart.

“Alright,” Jasmine was no longer tensed. She looked more cheerful and her stiff posture slackened. Then, the waiter who cleared their table reappeared with the desert; brownies covered with melted chocolate sauce with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on the top. Definitely mouthwatering!

“How did you meet the guys at Kaoru’s Cake House?” she questioned while taking a bite out of her slice of cake. She wanted to know more about Ginn Celes.

“I met them years ago while I was still a student in college. The first person I befriended there was Denny. He wasn’t even working for Kaoru’s Cake House then too. Denny’s a dropout who’s really selfish in every bit of his being but also very generous in a lot of ways. He’s also crazy superstitious. It’s funny how he’s older than me because when I’m with him, I feel like we’re the same age. His brain is…” Ginn trailed off to let out a laugh. “He got me addicted to Kaoru’s Cake House. Wing’s cake recipes aren’t comparable to any other in the world too, though.”

Jasmine smiled at the sight of Ginn’s cheerfulness. A guy as macho as him turning into such a cute little child was adorable. She was even amazed by him. The man whom she first believed to be overly egoistic still had a luring sense of humanity in him. However, does this only happen when he was around Jasmine?

“What made you decided to be a fashion designer?” she questioned again, wanting to keep their conversation alive.

Ginn wiped his mouth after taking the final bite from his slice of brownie. He took another sip of water from his glass before answering Jasmine.

“Good question…I became a fashion designer before of a girl I love.”

His tone was light and calm but it didn’t seem that way to Jasmine. His answer was like a knife that stabbed her heart.

‘Because of a girl? He already has a lover?’ Jasmine tried to take another bite from her brownie but it her limbs felt too heavy for her to lift them up. It was like as if stones had been tied to them, weighing them down.

“A girl? Your girlfriend?” the question slipped from her lips.

“I thought she was,” Ginn smiled cynically. He had a faraway look in his eyes when he answered that.

Jasmine was puzzled. This behavior of his wasn’t a part of his usual self. Such a brief answer like that always lead to long questions.

As for Ginn, he was actually trying to test Jasmine’s feelings. He wanted to see how long she could hold her patience and how far she would go for someone she cared for a lot.

“Okay handsome boy, first of all, I don’t like people who leave seemingly thousands of questions in their answer. Can’t you be a little more straightforward?” Jasmine’s request was more like a demand. She forked some of her brownie into her mouth in a quick and angry manner.

Ginn smiled in understanding. He leaned forward, laced his fingers and rested his chin on them.

“You’re really adorable when you’re angry. Even more so when you have some chocolate sauce at the corner of your lip,” the young man lifted his head and unlaced his fingers before reaching out and wiped away the chocolate sauce with his thumb. He then, licked it off, making Jasmine squirm in her seat with reddening cheeks.

After that, Ginn paid for their meal even though Jasmine protested against it. They exited the restaurant side by side. By then, all Jasmine thought was how they were going to part ways now. She didn’t want that. She wanted to spend more time with Ginn.

“Thank you,” she said, hoping that Ginn wanted to spend more time with her like how she did with him.

“143,” Ginn said before walking away.

The most precious gift is when we have a friend—a being who we can completely trust in—who knows our good and bad but still loves us dearly even with the bad.



143 Kaoru’s Cake House – Chapter Thirteen

28 Nov

143 Kaoru’s Cake House

Author: Fakhrul Anour

Illustrator: Kaoru

Translator: Yukii 【ゆきい】

Chapter Thirteen : The Awaiting Aroma

It is a pleasure to be with the one you love, but it is also heart-wrenching to accept that the one you love cannot be yours.

That was what Liyana said after her meeting with Izz four days ago.

Yesterday, Jasmine stopped by Kaoru’s Cake House to send a new bunch of chrysanthemum bouquets. She gave Izz a few glances but the black-haired waiter did not give any reactions she was expecting. He smiled wider and talked with her as if his meeting with Liyana that day had a happy result. Jasmine hadn’t even seen a trace of happiness from Liyana’s expression after her best friend’s meeting with Izz that day.

Today, Siti was helping Jasmine’s mother at Maria’s Bouquet. Suki, her mother’s helper, was there as well. Their presences were a relief as the burdens of work for both Jasmine and her mother were lightened.

Currently, the sun was high in the sky. It was already noon. Maria busied herself at he back of the shop by arranging the fresh flowers while Suki attended to the customers. Meanwhile, Jasmine sat alone at the living room area located at the right corner of the shop near the entrance. She was taking a short break after the tiring job of arranging the vases in front of the shop. The rubber gloves that she wore had been removed and carelessly placed on the table while the plastic apron she had on was quickly removed as well. Jasmine wiped the sweat on her forehead away with the small towel draped over her shoulder.

“Will you be having lunch here, Jasmine?” Suki asked after suddenly appearing in front of the girl’s eyes.

“Of course I’ll be having lunch here! Don’t tell me that I should be having it at Kaoru’s Cake House,” Jasmine answered with playful glare.

“How would I know? According to the rumors, your desire is there?” Suki teased while taking a seat on the chair facing Jasmine. Jasmine glared again but with a sweet smile this time. It was definitely her mother who whispered about her going back and forth there.

“My desire there is to eat for free!” Jasmine exclaimed. The two girls broke into a fit of giggles but their fun had to be paused when another customer entered…

Ting Tong!

Immediately, Jasmine’s expression brightened up seemingly ten times more. After all the customer that just entered was the man she harbored a crush on. The young man strode into the shop and smiled when he saw Jasmine who was sitting there and gazing at him. She looked more disheveled compared to the other days. Her clothes were slightly wrinkled, her hair was a little messy and the sheen of sweat on her forehead could be seen although the shop was air-conditioned.

Suki watched the young man with full interest. Who wouldn’t when he was very handsome and extremely stylish at the same time? He was wearing a Tommy Hilfiger Navy Pinstripe 2B suit with a collared, button-up striped blue shirt matched with a Black Striped Cotton Kit tie and a Logo Khaki Web belt which was also by Tommy Hilfiger. On his feet was a pair of black shoes which Suki recognized as ‘Be Cool’ Kenneth Cole.

“Ginn!” Jasmine quickly stood up and greeted the young man. Suki followed in suit but excused herself to the back of the shop instead. In her mind, she was wondering about the handsome, young man. Was he Jasmine’s boyfriend?

“What are you doing here?” Jasmine asked Ginn after Suki left them.

“No real reason. I was passing by when I remembered that I wanted to find you. Want to go for lunch with me?” he replied, stunning Jasmine for a moment. Her mind was registering the moment. Ginn was asking her out! Her dream was becoming a reality! Still, she didn’t immediately jump at the offer.

“Mmm…I have to ask my mother first,” she answered calmly although her heart was really beating a hundred beats a second.

“Ok,” Ginn answered casually even though he was actually worried about his offer getting rejected.

Jasmine headed to the back of the shop to search for her mother but before she could even pass the cashier counter, Maria emerged with a cheerful expression—one that Jasmine understood very well.

‘Suki must have told mom something!’ she thought.

“Hello, sweetie! Where is he?!” Maria questioned.

“Huh?” Jasmine tilted her head to one side. She knew who her mother was implying but she felt no need to answer her. She was a little irritated at her mother’s eagerness.

Before Jasmine could receive a reply from her, her mother saw the young man standing near the entrance of the shop and hurried towards him.

“Ginn! I’m glad to see you here in my shop,” Maria exclaimed cheerfully. Ginn on the other hand, barely had time to be surprised by the presence of the mother of his neighbor. She was the woman he met months ago before meeting her daughter.

“I just was passing by. I wanted to ask if you and your daughter would like to have lunch together with me,” Ginn’s answered puzzled Jasmine. Didn’t he want to go out for lunch with her only?

Suki announced her presence by lightly pinching Jasmine on her shoulder. The girl turned around to see her mother’s helper wearing an expression of raised eyebrows in a suggestive manner. Jasmine’s eyes narrowed into a glare—a warning to Suki to mind her own business, but Suki shrugged it off and pinched Jasmine’s cheek instead.

“Oh? Well I’m afraid I can’t, Ginn. I have a lot of work that needs to be done here. I’ll just have lunch with Suki. Ginn, you should go out and have lunch with Jasmine only instead,” Maria said in a tone of disappointment to which Ginn replied with a nod. His left arm was the patted by Maria as if he was her son. The scene touched Jasmine, but Ginn’s earlier reply to her mother was nagging at her in her mind. He wanted to invite her out for lunch—only her, and yet after her mother appeared, he changed his invitation.

‘What a sycophants!’ Jasmine exclaimed mentally.

“Jasmine!” Maria’s voice brought the girl back to reality. She was about to approach her mother when a quiet ‘Ahem!’ from Suki’s direction made her freeze for a moment. She sent one last glare to her mother’s helper which earned a small giggle in return. Jasmine resumed heading towards her mother’s side.

“Yes mom?”

“Accompany Ginn for lunch, will you? I can’t go along and leave Suki here all alone,” Maria said. Jasmine’s nod in reply was watched in relief by Ginn, although he noted the hints of dismay on her expression.

“Thanks a lot, Ginn. It’s sweet of you to come by and take proper care of my daughter, alright?” Maria told Ginn who happily nodded back. The situation was like the one where the mother was giving her child’s lover her full consent. Jasmine who was getting embarrassed by each passing second, wanted to leave badly. Perhaps this was interesting to her mother and Suki because she harbored feelings for the young man. Still, there was no denial that she wanted to question Ginn’s honestly too.

Ginn opened the shop’s door and allowed Jasmine to exit first. Maria and Suki watched them leave while waving. There were gleeful to see those two together.

“I knew that they would be good friends,” Maria stated once Ginn and Jasmine disappeared from their view.

“They look perfect for each other,” Suki added chirpily. Maria replied with a smile before heading back to work. There were too many things that needed her attention like arranging the fresh flowers at the back of the shop.

Ting Tong!

It was time for Suki to continue her work of attending to the customers as well.